Forti Family Notifications

The move to the Forti family for Etown network protection brings some changes to the types and quantity of notifications that you might see.

FortiClient Notifications: These pop-ups are displayed when changes are made to your computer or the FortiClient software. You can stop the FortiClient notifications by following the steps in this knowledgebase article. You can use these instructions to change the notification settings for other apps too.

Software Blocked Messages: FortiNET Endpoint Detection and Response Platform (FortiEDR) scans programs when they are executed before allowing them to run on your computer. Occasionally, it will block a process and will provide a blocked message. If you receive this message, please contact the Help Desk to have the program reviewed.

Software Quarantined: FortiClient runs a real-time and a monthly scheduled scan of all files on your computer. During these scans, if an unsafe file is discovered, it will be quarantined and ITS will be notified. You may see a message that the quarantine has taken place, please contact the Help Desk to have the program reviewed.

Website Blocked: FortiClient provides web filtering. While this filtering will only occur while on campus for non-college-owned computers, for college-owned devices the filter works both on and off campus. If you feel that a website has been blocked in error, this knowledgebase article provides instructions for submitting URLs to FortiNET for review and reclassification.

Permissions for Protection: MacOS users will have to grant Full Disk Access permission for FortiClient and several of its processes to allow the program to work. This knowledgebase article provides step-by-step instructions for making those changes.

If you have concerns about any of the Forti family notifications, or any other questions, please contact the Help Desk. Thanks for your efforts in keeping the Etown network secure!

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