Tech Tip: “But I Don’t Have Anything Worth Stealing!”

“But I don’t have anything worth stealing!” You’ve probably thought this to yourself before, reading ITS’ dire warnings about how to stay protected. You’re pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of things as far as hackers are concerned, right? There is a grain of truth to this. You’re probably not the CEO of a giant firm with millions on people’s confidential information at your fingertips. You’re just an average Joe with only your own information at stake, right? 

Over the summer, someone on the E-town network’s email was hacked, and a malicious link was sent out. When clicked, the webpage asked users to enter their email and password to continue. While the problem was quickly remedied, it’s an important reminder that you are not the only one who can be compromised. As part of a greater network (like E-town), there is a wide web of information that could be reached through one breach. 

As a member of E-town’s network, you are responsible for upholding proper digital citizenship and keeping not only yourself but others safe as well. 

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