Computer Tips and Tricks, Part III

In the third and final part of this series, we’ll address a few tricks for internet browsing and file management to increase efficiency. You’ll learn how to cycle through your browser tabs, quickly open a link in a new tab, rename files sequentially, and more.  


Internet Browsing: 

If you want to close the current window/tab, simply press [Ctrl] + [W]. Don’t do it right now, or you’ll miss the rest of the article! 

Press [Ctrl] + [L] to jump to the search bar. [F6] or [Alt] + [D] will also perform this action. 

To cycle through all open tabs, use [Ctrl] + [Tab]; use [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Tab] to cycle backwards. You can also press [Ctrl] + [“number”] (ie 1, 2, 3, …, n) to go to the tab in that numeric position. 

Most people are aware that internet browsers have an incognito or private mode that doesn’t save history or cookies (like for shopping for gifts on a shared computer, obviously!). This mode can be activated by pressing [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [N] in Chrome, [Cmd] + [Shift] + [N] in Safari, and [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [P] in Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer. 

Quickly open a link in a new tab without jumping to it is easily done by hovering your cursor over it and clicking on your mouse’s scroll wheel. 

To adjust the zoom on a webpage, use [Ctrl] + [+] to increase the zoom and [Ctrl] + [-] to decrease it. Press [Ctrl] + [0] to return the page to its original state. On Macs, use [Cmd] + [+] and [Cmd] + [-] to zoom in and out. 


File Management: 

Renaming files can get tiring and inefficient. Simply select the file and press [F2] to edit its name. To rename another file, just press [Tab] while the first file is still selected. On Macs, press [Enter] while a file is selected to rename it.  

Adjacent to the previous tip, you can rename files sequentially in a batch by selecting all of the files that you want to rename, pressing [F2], and typing in the new name. Your files will appear with a root name and a suffix, like test (1), test (2), etc. On a Mac, select files and right-click. Choose the option to rename the batch as a series. 


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