Tech Tip: How to Save Your MacBook Battery

Does your MacBook battery just not seem to be lasting as long as it used to? Part of this could be deterioration with age, but Apple also includes built-in ways to analyze battery usage and detect programs that are particularly draining. 

The simplest way to view battery burners is to click the battery icon on the right-hand side of the top toolbar. In the dropdown menu, there will be a section labeled “Using Significant Energy.” Apps shown in this category are using a substantial amount of power. You can also go to the Activity Monitor app (in the Utilities folder) to view how much power any specific application is using. If certain programs seem to be consuming a large amount of power when you are not using them, you may want to quit the application when you’re done using it, rather than just closing the window.  

In addition to picking out specific apps, there are a few other things you can do to maximize your battery’s performance. Quitting apps that aren’t in use and unplugging peripherals will minimize battery power spent on unnecessary tasks. In addition to this, dimming your screen brightness and turning off wifi when not in use will save power. 

Also, be sure to update your software when prompted to ensure that you are running the most efficient version possible.  


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