Chrome Extensions to Amplify Productivity

There never seems to be a quiet moment as a student. The craziness of the first few weeks transitions into a steadily increasing workload of tests to study for and papers to write. Before you know it, it’s finals week. Have you used your studying time efficiently? Increase your productivity with these six Google Chrome extensions.



It seems to be a universal truth that the internet can be as unproductive as it can be useful. But how unproductive are you really being online each day? This extension is here to help. Websites that you visit are automatically ranked on their productivity (and you can set individual preferences as well), and you can check what percentage of time you’ve spent productively at any point. It’s compared to a running log of your data from the past two weeks to give you an idea if you’re being more or less productive than usual.


Scroll To Top

The name says all that you need to know. Tired of scrolling down endless pages to find information that you know is at the very bottom? Tired of finding yourself buried deep within a page only to realize that the information you need is at the top, and so now you need to scroll and scroll and scroll to find it? Scroll To Top provides a simple button to take you to the bottom or the top of any webpage. No more cramped fingers from the scroll wheel.



Remember all those ITS newsletters that you’ve seen with articles about protecting yourself online with a strong password? LastPass is an easy solution to having many complicated passwords. This password manager stores and organizes your passwords for you, and can be accessed on both computers and mobile devices.


ToDo List

This extension does exactly what it says, providing a popup window where you can add and check off things to do. Its simplicity makes it incredibly easy to use, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants a no-fuss, practical to do list.



Do you find yourself spending hours scrolling through Facebook, diving into new subreddits, and Googling yourself just to see what happens? StayFocusd can prevent that. Input the websites that aren’t conducive to productivity, and set a timer. Until that timer is up, you won’t be able to visit any of those sites.



Ensure that your emails, social media posts, and more are mistake free. More sensitive than built-in spell-checkers, it finds words that are correctly spelled but in the wrong context, missing punctuation, and countless other spelling and grammatical mistakes. While a basic account is free, ITS has negotiated a deal for a premium account at 50% the usual annual fee. Visit to learn more and sign up for one year of premium features for only $45.


Adapted from Wrike.

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