Tech Tip: Add a Table of Contents in Word

You might have a big group project or report to do this semester. If the paper starts to get difficult to navigate, you can easily add a table of contents in Word. This will enable you to quickly access the exact section you need in a long document without a lot of scrolling.

To add a table of contents to your document, first click the References tab. Next, Table of Contents and choose the style you would like. By selecting an option, either automatic or manual, it will place the table of contents into the document.

If you do not have headings used in your document, you will need to add those. Highlight the title of any section, for example the heading for the Introduction, and select Heading 1 at the top. This will automatically update the table of contents with the title and page number of your Introduction. Repeat this for every heading in your document. You can also add Heading 2 and Heading 3 to your document if you have subheadings or subsections in your document.

To update your table of contents after making changes, return to the References tab and select the Update Table button. For step-by-step instructions, visit the Knowledgebase article on Table of Contents.

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