2017 New Year, New You!

Seven tech things to think about in 2017.

  1. Update your computer. Not only is the new year a time for changes in your life, it’s a time for changes in your technology. It’s a fantastic time to update your computer. Make sure to back up your computer, update your software, and scan for malware. Find out how to do these and more for PC and Mac!
  2. Be conscious of fake news articles. The epidemic of fake news stories on Facebook has been gathering attention over the past year. Stories have grown increasingly overblown as a result of this divisive election, and information can be passed extremely quickly through Facebook. Don’t fall victim to these exaggerated or outright falsified stories. Take everything with a grain of salt. Just because a site looks official doesn’t mean that it’s a reliable source of news. Fact check before you spread inaccurate information!
  3. Watch the type of content you post online. Speaking of Facebook, it’s important to remember that everything posted on social media is on social media forever. Despite the ability to delete posts, nothing is ever permanently erased from the internet. The best way to deal with this is simply don’t post anything that you don’t want to be forever memorialized. Complaints about your boss? Offensive “jokes?” Illegal activities? All of this things can come back to bite you in the future.
  4. Proofread your emails. Not only is the internet permanent, its forms of text-based communications aren’t particularly nuanced. Emails are prone to misunderstandings that could have been cleared up immediately in person. What you think is a simple request might have come off as rude or assuming. What you meant as a slight suggestion might have been taken as unwanted criticism. Don’t just dash off an email and send it, give it a brief proofreading to make sure it’s courteous and professional.
  5. Lower your “phone voice.” Too many of us have been in the same room with that person who is talking loudly on their phone. People’s “phone voices” are often louder than their normal voices. If you must speak on the phone, try to find a private or out-of-the-way place where you won’t be negatively affecting anyone around you.
  6. Save your phone battery. Does your cell phone’s battery seem to be dying constantly? Try turning down the brightness on your screen. This simple and effective trick can save you a surprising amount of battery power. A screen turned up to full brightness is unneeded and power-sapping.
  7. Be aware of phishing and other scams. One topic to never forget about is cyber security. As soon as one scam is dismantled, it seems that two appear to take its place. Remember to keep your passwords private, and never enter them on unfamiliar websites. Check out this article about Phishing for more information.

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