New Wireless Network FAQs

Over the summer, ITS revamped the entire Wi-Fi network on campus. As such, there may be some people with connection problems until we all settle in with the systems. Are you have trouble staying connected to the Wi-Fi? Does your device try to connect to old networks? Read our Wireless FAQ’s for more information and solutions.


My phone keeps trying to connect to the wrong network. What do I do to make sure that I always connect to EC_SECURE_WIFI? 

For phones that keep connecting or attempting to connect to the wrong network, you can “Forget Wireless Network.” To forget a network on Android, hold your finger down on the old network name and click Forget. To forget a network on iPhone, click the (i) symbol and make sure Auto Join is off and click Forget Network.


How do I connect my PS3/PS4/XBox to the college Wi-Fi? 

To connect a gaming device to the Wi-Fi, you have to first register it. Make sure you know the MAC address (e.g. AA:BB:CC:11:22:33) for your device and register your gaming device with ITS.


What happened to EC_Jaynet_Login and EC_FIX_MY_WIFI? The names all changed. What’s new? 

Over the summer, we upgraded our wireless around campus. The new system is faster and more reliable. We changed the names to EC_SECURE_WIFI and EC_SETUP_WIFI. They work the same way that EC_Jaynet_Login and EC_FIX_MY_WIFI used to work. You can read step-by-step instructions for connecting to the wireless on our Knowledgebase. (Windows instructions and Mac Instructions) If you are having any trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi, give us a call or stop by Nicarry 125 to talk with one of our Help Desk assistants.


I have a guest coming to campus. How do they connect to the Wi-Fi?  

We have a wireless connection available just for guests called EC_Guest. Guests have to register for a temporary username and password that will grant them access for 72 hours. Your guest must have a mobile phone that can receive text messages to setup an account. Read our Knowledgebase articles on Guest Access on Windows and Guest Access on Mac for more information.


I did everything right, and I still can’t connect to the Wi-Fi! What is wrong with my computer?  

Nothing is wrong with your computer or device. You may need to update Symantec with Live Update. If your Symantec is not up to date, or if you have not run Live Update, then our system will not let you

connect. The Wi-Fi is only trying to protect itself from viruses. Perform the updates and try connecting again. If your Symantec is up to date, then you may need to register. Register your computer and your handheld devices then try connecting again. If you are still having trouble, come visit one of our Help Desk assistants in Nicarry 125.


I have an Android and the new wireless system is draining my battery! What’s wrong? 

Nothing is wrong. If you have Android 6.0 Marshmallow, your phone is attempting to search for Wi-Fi signals while it is in sleep mode. You need to turn Wi-Fi scanning off. Open Settings, select Wi-Fi, and tap the 3 stacked dots in the top right. Choose Advanced, and tap Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep. Make sure that is set to Never. You’re not done. Next, head back to Settings, and this time select Location. Tap Mode then select Device Only. Press the back button and touch the 3 stacked dots in the top right of the Location Screen. Choose Scanning and disable Wi-Fi scanning. This will stop your phone from searching for Wi-Fi while it is sleeping and save your battery. For more information, visit this step-by-step instructions with photos.


I’m having trouble with something else. Where can I find information on Windows 10 or Cable?

For information on other changes around campus such as the Windows 10 update or the new Cable TV system, please visit our FAQs.

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