Out with the Old, In with the New: Nicarry’s Renovations

The first-floor of Nicarry has received some new additions and changes to the classrooms, offering exciting opportunities for both teachers and students.

Nicarry 101: This Seminar room is designed for video conferences and small training sessions. Fitted with a large TV and a projector, it will be used primarily by the Education Department and ITS during the fall semester and opened to others in the spring.

Nicarry 103: Built as a video-conference room, N-103 contains a number of video cameras and large TVs for the Drexel/Etown program and will be available for small groups.

classroom 1 8-27-2015 2-45-47 PMNicarry 104, 106, and 129: These classrooms are general-purpose classrooms, outfitted with a Crestron control panel, PC with dual monitors and two projectors. The podium allows the professor to use either the desktop or connect their laptop, and display it on the main projector (which is a touch- enabled, interactive projector) and/or the other projector in the room. N-104 also has a library attached to it for the Education Department.

Nicarry 107: This micro-lab, innovation space houses a 3D printer and new robotics technology which will be integrated with the education department’s STEM curriculum. Later in the semester it will be open on Monday and Wednesday evenings for students to use.

classroom 2 8-27-2015 2-47-18 PMNicarry 127: Barely recognizable from its previous tiered-classroom state, N-127 features a PC and a Crestron control panel, which is synced to the main touch-enabled projector and the six huddle station displays, or pods, around the room. The pods are located on the sides of the room and offer students the ability to work together efficiently in small groups. Each display screen has an HDMI cable that a student can plug into their laptop, so that all students in the group can see and more easily contribute to the project. At any time, the professor can send a group’s pod screen to the main projector, so that the entire class can see it, or blank out the group screens (to keep the students focused on the main projector).

classroom 3 8-27-2015 2-48-23 PMNicarry 131: Previously the pilot classroom for the new Nicarry technology and furniture, N-131 is the new STEM classroom for the Education Department.  Designed for large courses which require hands-on learning, N-131 is outfitted with a Crestron control panel, PC with dual monitors and two projectors (one touch-enabled interactive projector and one regular), as well as sinks, a refrigerator, and tables that can fold up to allow for more open space.

These new classrooms showcase innovative technology and flexible and moveable furniture that promote active learning.  If you haven’t yet taken a tour, be sure to visit Nicarry and see the new spaces.  As we begin to plan for renovation of the second floor of Nicarry, slated for next summer, we welcome student, staff and faculty feedback and input into the design.  Faculty and staff can express their ideas for the second floor renovation on Friday, September 4th at 10:00, 12:00 or 2:00 in Nicarry 106.  Ron Heasley will give interested faculty and staff a tour of the rooms an gather input for the future renovations.

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