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E-town ‘E-lympics’ Comes to a Close

As the Olympics over in Sochi came to a close, so did E-town’s Elympics. After 10 days of competition and many Instagram and Twitter pictures later we have a grand prize winner!

The Committee voted on all of the E-lympic gold medalists photos and we are happy to announce that Briena Coleman (@brienacoleman) is our All- Star athlete!

She will win a warm Elizabethtown stadium blanket, donated by the college store.

In addition to our grand prize winner, we also have two winners randomly selected from our group of silver and bronze medalists.

Final Results

Grand Prize

@brienacoleman shared this photo on Instagram on Day 7

photo (1)


@chrisashworth posted this photo on Twitter and won bronze on Day 8.

photo 2


@bhillriegel shared this photo on Instagram on Day 5 and also won bronze.


In addition to our final winner, we would also like to recognize our multidecorated athletes; @madisonski, @tjlatshaw, @scrimms, @mmols, @nicole_curcio, and @amymilligan12

Congratulations to all our athletes and participants! And thanks to everyone who provided prizes to make this contest possible.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for future events because you never know what we have up our t-shirt sleeve!


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