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Social Life in Real Life: Spring Has Sprung

by Jill Norris
Office of Marketing and Communications intern

After months of many students being angry at Punxsutawney Phil–the groundhog whose missing shadow tricked us into believing that spring would soon be on its way–the weather has finally heated up in south-central PA. Elizabethtown College students have taken full advantage of the “improved” weather conditions by sitting, studying and socializing outdoors.

two female students on table on bsc patio

group of students talking and laughing on bsc patio with gallon of iced tea

Some of the most popular spots seem to be located on the Baugher Student Center’s patio and in the grassy Dell.

two female students sitting under a tree on The Dell

However, other students might prefer sitting in the quieter areas of campus, such as sitting on a park bench or the ledge of a stone wall in order to focus on their work.

zoomed out shot of girl far away sitting on bench under tree reading

No matter where the students are soaking up the sun, it seems as if their overall moods have improved, but as for their grades, only time will tell.

Where is your favorite outdoor spot to hang out on campus when the weather gets warm? Answer below.

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One Response to “Social Life in Real Life: Spring Has Sprung”

  • Donna Talarico says:

    I love any free spot where I can read a book on my lunch break! I love to eat with my colleagues, but during this nice weather, sometimes I like to grab a blanket out of my truck and catch up on some pages!

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