Spring Cleaning Your Devices for Faculty/Staff

The close of the semester is a great time to spring clean your devices.  

You should always back up your files, but sometimes that falls to the wayside in the busyness at the end of the semester. Now is a great time to make that much needed back up. Plug your mobile devices into your computer to back them up, or back them up to the cloud. You can back up files on your computer with Office365 to OneDrive or to a personal portable hard drive. 

You should also delete any unneeded files (and make sure to empty the trash bin when you’re done to permanently delete the files) to free up space on your computer. This is also a great time to go through your email account and delete any unneeded emails, like all those issues of Campus News that aren’t relevant anymore.  

You should also clean out your network folders, especially your public folder, which is accessible to anyone on campus. Leaving files here leaves you vulnerable to theft, which has caused a growing academic integrity issue resulting from students reusing materials from other students’ public folders. Both students and faculty should remove content from their public folder to prevent potential theft. 

In order to keep your computer updated with the latest security patches, your computer will need to be turned on over the summer: Desktop users, simply leave it turned on when you leave for the break. Laptop users, if you are taking it off campus for longer than 2 weeks, please connect using the E-town VPN for 90 minutes each week you’re not on campus. The machine will receive and process the necessary updates, and restart automatically during the standard maintenance schedule, or at the next connection. In addition to keeping your software updated, this process will reduce the amount of time it takes to get your computer up and running when you return. 

If you’re in the process of spring cleaning, you might have found some old devices that you don’t need anymore. Donating these is a great way to help the environment and declutter your home, but make sure the device is properly wiped of all personal information before it leaves your ownership. Visit the EPA’s website for suggested places to donate your old electronics. 

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