Hoover Renovations

Upon returning to campus, you might realize that Hoover looks a little bit different. Classrooms have been renovated with new control panels on the podiums and some other fun features to enhance learning.  

107, 108, 112, and 114 have been upgraded to the standard configuration that many other classrooms on campus have. This includes a Crestron panel for operating the system, a podium computer, a document camera, Blu-Ray player, and mic and webcam. Detailed instructions on the technology in these classrooms can be found here. 

109 has all of the new technology as the rooms mentioned above, with the upgrade of the mic and webcam to a Vaddio USB conferencing system and the added feature of Cable TV. The projector has been removed and a 75” TV installed. The conference phone remains and is separate from the Vaddio USB system.  The Vaddio mic pods are located on the main table and the camera is mounted under the TV. Detailed instructions on this room are here. 

110 and 212 have the standard configuration, as well as a voice uplight/assistive listening system that includes a handheld mic and a lavalier mic. The lights can also be adjusted in 212. More information is available here. 

211, and 215 are currently installed as a single projection classroom but as soon as the additional equipment arrives will be converted to dual projection classrooms –similar to those in Nicarry 1st floor. 

The business lab in 111 remains the same as it has previously, with an option on the Crestron panel to show live market data. Detailed information can be found here. 

213 and 214 have the standard configuration, plus the ability to adjust the lights. Detailed instructions are here. 

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