Tech Tip: Save Space on Your Phone by Deleting Old Messages

Phones are always running out of space, and sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly what is hogging up all your storage. One easy way to make sure that you don’t have unnecessary content clogging your phone is to set it to automatically delete text messages after a specified period of time.

On iPhone, this can be accomplished by going to Settings > Messages and then scrolling down to the Message History subsection. Tap Keep Messages and select how long you want to keep your messages for: 30 days, a year, or forever. Selecting 30 days will most effectively clear your iPhone’s storage space. Be sure to save any important attachments before doing this.

For Android, the process is incredibly simple. Go to Settings > SMS, and check the box labeled Delete old messages. Android will automatically delete the oldest texts when space is needed. There isn’t an option to customize it any further when using Android’s basic SMS app, so your options are to either trust the phone to do its thing or download another app that allows you to have more control.


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