Tech Tip: How to Clean Your Earbuds

No one really wants to think about how dirty their earbuds are. It’s not a particularly pleasant topic. Unfortunately, dirty earbuds are a source of potential ear infection and just plain gross.  

Cleaning your earbuds is fairly simple, though! First, be sure that they’re not connected to any device. Mix some warm water and gentle soap, and use a soft cloth to soak up a little of the mixture. You don’t want to use too much because soap could leave residue and water damage goes without saying. 

If there’s a lot of gunk in the crevices, use a dry toothbrush to gently scrub it away. If your earbuds have detachable silicone covers, remove them and clean them separately using the same methods. 

Remember to never submerge your earbuds in water, as even a second could damage them permanently. Enjoy your new, clean earbuds!

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