Don’t Be a Wi-Fi Monster

What Does It Mean to be a Wi-Fi Monster?

Wi-Fi networks are sensitive. Certain items can interfere with the signal and cause poor connectivity all over campus. To ensure strong Wi-Fi, we must all be on the lookout for Wi-Fi Monsters.

Wi-Fi Monsters are people and things that use prohibited or interfering devices on campus that cause poor Wi-Fi connectivity. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to spot and stop a Wi-Fi Monster and how to avoid becoming one yourself.


Connect Correctly


EC_SECURE_WIFI is the fastest and most secure wireless network available on campus. (EC_SETUP_WIFI is only used when you first connect to the Wi-Fi with a new device.) After you have connected to Secure, you should “forget” Setup on your device to avoid connectivity problems.

Guest Wi-Fi is for Guests

EC_GUEST_WIFI is reserved for guests without an credential, and for certain other devices (like gaming systems). Guests can request immediate access to the Guest Wi-Fi via our login system, and they will be texted a password that is good for 72 hours of access.

Wired Connections Have Benefits

Using a wired connection, or Ethernet cable, can be faster than wireless connections. They are also less likely to lose signal. ITS recommends using a wired connection whenever you are completing an important form online or taking an online test or quiz.


How to Spot a Wi-Fi Monster

Wi-Fi networks use a range of signals similar to other devices, so there are certain items that are prohibited from being used on campus as stated in the Acceptable Use policy. These prohibited devices hog the radio signals used to transmit Wi-Fi creating poor signal strength for others around campus.

Prohibited devices on campus include:

  • All personal Wi-Fi routers or hotspots
  • VPN servers that are not college issued
  • Wireless printers that are actively broadcasting wireless signals (wireless printers with the wireless function turned off are permitted; visit the Knowledgebase for instructions)
  • Google Chromecast devices
  • Any other device that actively uses channels 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

Some devices that can interfere with wireless signals are not prohibited, but we recommend limiting their use and powering them off completely when not in use. These devices include:

  • Microwaves
  • Cordless phones
  • Wireless speakers
  • Wireless game controllers

If you see an unknown Wi-Fi network pop up nearby, that could be a prohibited device broadcasting a signal. Alert your RA right away. If you know someone who has a wireless printer, remind them to turn the wireless function off.

If you have a question about Wi-Fi interfering devices on campus, please contact the ITS Help Desk at, ext. 3333, or stop in Nicarry 125.

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