Five Apps for Saving Money

Are you one of the over twenty-seven million Americans who made a New Year’s resolution to make better financial decisions? Even if it isn’t your primary goal, handling money more responsibly aligns with the self-betterment promises that are commonplace in the new year. With that, here are five apps to help you keep those money-managing resolutions.



For a simple, accessible way to view your spending trends and budget your money, look no further than Wally. As their website promises, this app offers a “360 view on your money,” allowing you to input not only what your money was spent on, but where, when, and why as well. Best of all, Wally is free!


HomeBudget With Sync

If you have an entire household to financially manage, HomeBudget With Sync seamlessly integrates income and expense monitoring, bill tracking, and account information. While HomeBudget With Sync is a $20 investment, its syncing feature allows multiple family members to access the same synced data across different devices to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Level Money

This free app provides the answer to that age-old question: “How much money can I spend today?” It balances your income and expenditures to create a “Spendable,” a customized safe to spend amount of money for a day, week, or month. In addition to this, it provides spending projections based on your previous spending history.



Mint is a one-stop shop for syncing all of your accounts and bills together and doing all the irritating number crunching for you. It tracks your investments and allows you to divide your spending into categories to view long-term trends. Also, it features colorful geometric graphs and is free!



Back in ye olden days before the advent of handy apps, many people managed their budgeting by dividing their money into envelopes. This app offers a modern approach to this method, allowing you to upload receipts and categorize spending, as well as becoming aware of hidden spending. This free app is a perfect way to meet your financial goals.


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