Studying Apps for Finals

It’s that dreaded time of the year again. Finals. Break is coming, but first you must make it through all of your tests and term papers. Fortunately, there’s a couple of apps and websites to help make that process smoother and less stressful.  


Hemingway App    

Do you have a big paper due? Try Hemingway App, an online paper editor that finds overly complex sentences, passive voice, adverbs, and more. While this will not guarantee a good grade on your paper, it will help find grammatical and stylistic errors that interrupt the flow of your paper. 



In a similar vein, Grammarly will help smooth and refine your papers by finding grammatical errors. Grammarly will also suggest replacements for words and explain why your initial word was incorrect. It’s like having a second pair of eyes reading your paper without having to pester your grammar-savvy friend to read it for you. Grammarly offers an online editor as well as plugins for internet browsers, Microsoft Word, and Windows. E-Town offers students a discount for the paid version, which can be bought at 



You’re studying productively when that Facebook notification pops up. Before you know it, you’re an hour into stalking your old high school friends and any idea of studying is pushed into the depths of your brain. StayFocusd can prevent this seemingly inevitable aspect of using your computer to study. You can input websites that aren’t conducive to productivity, and set a timer. Until that timer is up, you won’t be able to visit any of those sites.  



This program nearly always ends up on these types of lists, and for good reason. Evernote allows you to create your notes in exactly the way that you want them to be, with a versatile system that includes bookmarking, clipping and inserting images, a tagging system, and more. Evernote can be accessed on the web and has apps and plugins for nearly every device and internet browser. 



In this technological age, there’s no need for handwritten flashcards. Quizlet lets you create your own set of flashcards or search for other people’s sets. Content is created by both students and teachers and covers a vast span of topics. Use it for anything from reviewing anatomy with integrative diagrams to testing yourself on Japanese grammar with a multiple-choice test randomly selected from your flashcard set. 



Need a place to keep track of all your assignments with options to create smaller to-dos within a greater project and prioritization of certain tasks? Try Todoist. It features a smooth, distraction-free interface that allows for maximum productivity and it syncs across iOS, Android, web browsers, MacOS, Windows, and more. 



If you want to visibly map out your schedule and add reminders for when assignments are due and when big tests are, try iStudiez! The free Lite version allows you to manage one semester with a maximum of five courses and 15 assignments. If you like the app, you can upgrade to iStudiez Pro for $2.99. This app is only available on iOS, so try the similar app Timetable for Android. 



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