What’s Up With Those Robocalls from My Area Code?

Not only are robocalls irritating, but their ultimate goal is to scam people out of money. And if you’ve noticed a recent increase from robocalls that seem to be coming from your area code and even your town, you’re not alone. Some people are even receiving calls from their own phone numbers. That’s right: the call was coming from inside the house!

Well, not really. These calls probably aren’t coming from your area code, and may be coming from the other side of the country or even further.

Scammers have begun using a new technique recently called “Voice to IP.” This allows them to use a computer to make a phone call, while making it appear that the call is coming from a regular landline or cell phone. People are more likely to pick up these “spoofed” calls, since they think that maybe a neighbor or a local business is calling.  And if the likelihood of people picking up robocalls increases, then the number of people scammed into giving away information like credit card numbers is also likely to increase. Some Elizabethtown community members have even reported receiving spoofed calls from E-Town College phone numbers.

So yes, this is another reminder from ITS to be safe in this interconnected world. Voice to IP phone calls have skyrocketed in popularity, and this technique gives scammers yet another tool. Remember: never give away personal information, like credit card numbers. If the caller seems to be offering you an extremely good deal on something, it’s probably too good to be true. Trust your instincts; if the phone call seems even remotely suspicious, it’s probably a scammer.


Adapted from: http://www.npr.org/sections/money/2017/08/18/544448670/episode-789-robocall-invasion


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