Top 10 iOS 10 Tips

The change to iOS 10 was jarring for some, but it comes with plenty of cool features. Read these ten tips to decipher some of iOS 10’s best features.


  1. Unlock your phone by resting your finger on the home button. One of the most noticeable changes of iOS was the changed method of unlocking your phone. Not only was the “Slide to Unlock” feature removed, you now have to press down on your home button for your fingerprint to register. If this bothers you, do not fear! In the “Home Button” section of “Settings,” you can switch “Rest Finger to Open” on. This will return the ease of unlocking your phone by simply placing your finger on the home button.


  1. Quickly check your notifications. With iOS 10’s “Raise to Wake” function, your phone’s screen will briefly light up when it’s picked up. This allows you to take a swift glance at your notifications to see if anything is demanding your attention. Turn this setting on under “Display and Brightness.” Be warned: this may decrease battery life for some.


  1. Send secret messages with Invisible Ink. One of the new features added to Messages is the ability to send texts using Invisible Ink. Your message will only show shifting static until it’s tapped. The static will clear briefly so that the message can be read, and then fill up the text box again. This comes in handy for sending sensitive information like financial details. Invisible Ink can be utilized by taping and holding the Send button after typing your message, then selecting Invisible Ink.


  1. Have more fun with emojis! You have probably noticed that in addition to suggested words, iOS now includes suggested emojis. This limits searching through the countless emoji’s on the keyboard – simply type your message, and Apple will suggest relevant emojis!


  1. View information quickly with 3D Touch. With iPhone 6 and 6s, hard pressing on an app’s icon will allow you to see the same cursory data that you can view with a home screen widget. You can use this feature to quickly take photos, send out a brief tweet, or call or text favorites. This mainly works with Apple’s apps, since this capacity must be included by the developer.


  1. Search your photos with ease. Not only can you search by face or location, you can also search by object! Apple’s picture recognition software can recognize basic objects. Simply type in a word like “tree” or “road” into the search bar, and let Apple do the rest of the work!


  1. Add creativity to your photos with Markup. This feature is oddly difficult to find, but it is essential for someone who is looking to add text or paint onto their photos. To find Markup, select your photo and tap the edit icon (on the bottom right next to the trash), then tap the circle with three dots at the right bottom. Tap Markup, and enjoy adding fun decorations to your photo.


  1. Copy and paste between all of your Apple devices with Universal Clipboard. As long as you have a device with iOS 10 and a computer running macOS Sierra, you now have the ability to copy something on one device and paste it with the other. Just copy the same way you always have, and that information will be available for a brief period of time to paste with your other device. You must be signed into the same Apple ID on both devices.


  1. Integrate with HomeKit. HomeKit is Apple’s ecosystem of devices for your home to control things like lights, locks, and thermostats. And with iOS’s “Home” app, you can now control any HomeKit enabled devices you have right from your phone. This only works for devices specifically designed and labed as Homekit compatible.


  1. Collaborate easily with Notes. With iOS 10, Apple introduced the ability to collaborate with others in the Notes app. Simply share a note by tapping on the icon on the top with the person icon and the plus button. Choose how you would like to send the invitation. You can send the note with Apple’s basic Mail and Message apps, but you can also use Twitter, Facebook, and other social medias. Anyone with an iCloud account can access and edit it!


So that’s it! Ten tips to think about as you explore iOS 10. Enjoy!


Adapted from Online Tech Tips with additional information from Apple.

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