Never Reveal Your Password


ITS will never ask for your password, especially not in an email. If you ever receive an email asking you to “confirm your account” for any reason, it is a scam. That is a classic phishing scam. They trick you into believing that they are here to help or even into believing that the email came from ITS. It is a scam. Say it with me…


So, you receive this email. How do you know it’s fake? Well, for starters, ITS has your name. They would not address an email as “Dear User” if there was a problem with your account. Likewise, we would not sign an email as “ Thank You.” Every single one of our ITS staff has an account that they would contact you with.

Additionally, ITS will not de-activate your account. If you were a victim of phishing, and your account was de-activated, how are you supposed to get this email anyway? ITS would find another way to contact you in the event there was a need to place a hold on your account.

What did we say? ITS WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD. Take a closer look at that link. Why would it be spelled “Out-look-edu”? This link does not lead to an page. It leads to “” Wording the link like this is meant to trick you. Do not fall for it.

If that is a phishing email, what would a real ITS email look like?

A real ITS email will always have the official ITS banner across the top, and it will be signed by one of the ITS staff. The email will always come from an actual “” account too.

If you’re unsure if an ITS email is legitimate, you can double check the name in the E-town contacts folder. If you were to search for any of our ITS staff member names, you would see their photo and office extension. If you’re still not sure, give them a call to double check the legitimacy of the email. A real E-town ITS personnel always signs their emails reminding you that ITS WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD.

If you receive phishing or scam emails such as this one, DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK. Forward the email to If you did click on the link or if you input any information, call ITS immediately at x3333 and change your password ASAP.

It is very important that we catch attacks on our system as soon as possible. If one user is infected, then all of our users are at risk. We take account security very seriously at E-town. Be careful, and remember… ITS WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD!

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