Thankful for Wi-Fi Tips

Thankful for Wi-Fi Tips 

Last month, we gave you some Phishing Tricks ( and Wi-Fi Treats ( This month, we’re thankful for even more Wi-Fi tips! Apple users, this time it’s all about you. Android users, pay attention though; some of this is useful for you, too.

Turn Off Wi-Fi Assist

You might have noticed a difference in your battery life following the most recent software update for Apple iPhones. Sometimes after an update, Wi-Fi Assist can turn back on. It is important to check that Wi-Fi Assist is off to ensure that you remain on the network and your battery isn’t drained from trying to constantly switch back and forth between Wi-Fi and cellular to find better service. If you’re okay with slightly slower service while you walk between buildings, turn Wi-Fi Assist off.

Turn Wi-Fi On and Off

Disable Wi-Fi from the Control Center (swipe up on the screen) when you’re using cellular to stop the phone from searching for Wi-Fi that doesn’t exist. This is especially useful when you are in the car, or in public with no Wi-Fi. Your phone will constantly search for Wi-Fi in these cases, which will drain your battery faster.

Keep an Eye on Bluetooth and Brightness

Bluetooth and Brightness settings, found in the Control Center, can also take a toll on battery life. Keep Bluetooth turned off when you don’t need it for the same reason. As with Wi-Fi, your phone constantly searches for Bluetooth devices when the setting is turned on. Turn Bluetooth off when you don’t need it. Brightness takes up a lot of battery life, too. To extend the use of your battery, set Brightness on low whenever possible.

Turn Off Background App Refresh

Another battery saving tip is to turn off Background App Refresh. Background App Refresh allows apps to continue to access the internet while the app is not active on your screen. This includes Facebook or Twitter updating in the background even when you aren’t using it. To turn off Background App Refresh, navigate to Settings, General, then Background App Refresh.

Disable Unneeded Fitness Tracking Apps

Turn off Fitness tracking apps that are unneeded or unwanted. If you have a wearable, you don’t need fitness tracking on your phone. You can turn Fitness tracking off from Settings, and select the app name from the bottom. Then toggle Motion & Fitness to off. You can view all apps using Motion & Fitness by navigating to Settings, Privacy, then Motion & Fitness.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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