Printing Services

Did you know there are multiple ways to print your essays and assignments on campus this fall? With 500 free pages per semester, you can print with ease.

Web Printing

Students can now send printing jobs to printers across campus from the comfort of their own dorm room. Using PaperCut, students can easily send a print job to a printer and pick it up from a print station on their way to class. To find out how to use PaperCut ( for web printing, visit the Knowledgebase article.


Express Print Stations

Speaking of print stations, did you know there are several express printing stations located around campus in dorms and academic buildings? Each express printing station is equipped with a windows computer, express swipe station, and a high speed laser printer.

To use an express printing station, all you have to do is load a document onto PaperCut then swipe or wave your ID over the sensor at the express print station. Your preloaded documents will appear on the screen. Tap to select documents to print on the touch screen. This can save valuable time if you are running late for class compared to standing in line to login and print a document from your student account.

Visit theĀ Knowledgebase articleor read the Green Eggs and New Print Stations article for more information.


Free Printing (and its limits)

Each semester students are allotted 500 pages to print on campus for free! You can print from your dorm room using web printing, in a computer lab, or by using an express print station for free. Just make sure to keep an eye on your page limit counter (viewable on PaperCut) to keep track of how many pages you have left for a semester. Once you go over 500 pages, each additional page may be billed to your student account. Visit the Printing Tips article in the Knowledgebase to find out how to cut back on your printing.

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