Social Media Security

Social Media Security

Social Media Security

With Spring coming, I bet you’ll be taking tons of pictures of yourself and your friends. Before you even think about posting those pictures to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else, stop and check your security settings.

On social media sites, keeping your security settings up-to-date is critically important. You might be posting your pictures publicly instead of only to friends or followers without even knowing it. Below is a quick security settings guide for the most popular social media sites, but don’t forget to double check security on any and all social media sites you use including online dating sites. Be proactive, take control of your security before something happens.

Facebook: Check out Facebook’s Basic Privacy Settings FAQ page for users. Here you can find out how to adjust who can see your posts, who can see your profile information, and how to control tagging in posts or pictures.

To access your privacy settings on Facebook, click the arrow in the upper-right hand corner of any Facebook page, select Settings from the dropdown menu, select Privacy on the left, and then click a setting to edit it.

Twitter: Check out Twitter’s Safe Tweeting Basics page for users. Here you can find out how to ensure that your account is secure as well as a hefty list of Do’s and Don’ts for safe passwords and safe tweeting.

Twitter has options for protecting yourself from others including reporting when someone has posted your private information. Take the time to educate yourself on Twitter’s Best Practices for safety.

Instagram: Check out Instagram’s Privacy and Safety Center FAQ page for users. Here you can find out about adjusting privacy settings, approving followers, and blocking users.

Blocking is very important when it comes to protecting yourself. Don’t be shy about blocking someone that might be dangerous to your personal safety or the safety of your information online. It isn’t rude to block someone that could be harmful to your physical or emotional safety. Most social media and online dating sites have blocking options. Educate yourself on blocking options and procedures before something bad like cyber bullying happens.

Find out more information on Cyber Bullying at StopBullying.Gov.

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