Swivl Your Thinking for Faculty and Staff

Students tired of traditional presenting? Looking for a cool way to spice up a project? Need a new way to evaluate student teaching? Swivl may be just what you are looking for. Swivl is great for flipped classrooms, group projects, Education majors, Communications majors, or anybody looking to up their ante in the job search! Swivl allows you to film or record yourself presenting, teaching, lecturing, and so much more.

Swivl is a small recording device utilizing any iOS device to film or audio record nearly anything, and you can save directly to your phone or to the cloud. You can even post directly to YouTube.

You will love Swivl’s ability to track your movements, so you can walk around a small classroom and Swivl’s camera will follow you to make sure you always stay in the frame.

Professors, be sure to try out recording your lectures ahead of time to save more time for discussion. You could even try out the “flipped” classroom technique by posting all of your lectures on Canvas ahead of time.

With two versions, the Swivl White and Black and the Swivl Legacy, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Swivl your thinking and see what Swivl can do for you. The slightly older Legacy can audio and video record with iPhones and iPods 4 and 5.

The newer White and Black has most of the same features, however, it is better compatible with newer phones and iPads. It also has the option to record a PowerPoint presentation using only the Swivl. You can follow along on the slides as you record to ensure that the audio/visual recording matches up exactly with the presentation.

If Swivl sounds like something you would like to try in your classroom for presentations, projects, or lectures, then stop by the Help Desk in Nicarry to check one out.

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