Why Not To Go Wireless

Wi-Fi not working as fast as you’d like? Believe it or not, there are reasons your Netflix account isn’t streaming as fast as you’d like. Going wireless is not faster for anyone. The signal quality is affected by a number of things, all of which you and your neighbors can control.

Wireless printers and personal routers, for example, contribute to poor wireless signal for everyone. Don’t blame ITS next time your internet is slow; your neighbor’s wireless printer could be the true culprit. Ask them to use a USB cable for printing, and report unapproved wireless routers to your RA.


Read more about  network routers and wireless printers on the college’s Acceptable Use Policy: http://www.etown.edu/offices/its/Policies.aspx

Printers: http://helpdesk.etown.edu/helpconsole2012/kb/default.aspx#pageid=printing

Routers: http://helpdesk.etown.edu/helpconsole2012/kb/default.aspx#pageid=wireless

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