Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts

So, you waited until the last minute, and now you’re scrambling to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that certain someone. Well, you might have to settle for a chuckle, because perfect requires more shipping time, but here’s a few cool V-Day gifts anyway. Psst, pro-tip! has great gifts for anyone any time of the year, but especially the geek or nerd in your life on Valentine’s Day. Plus, the site has free shipping on orders over $75, so buy yourself something while you’re at it! What will you choose?

  1. Skip the flowers this year, buy your loved one (or at least strongly liked one) a Plush Bouquet. The average Think Geek Plush Bouquet costs around $50, but come on, this Star Wars Bouquet is totally worth the money, right?
  2. If you can’t quite afford the plush bouquet, this flower might be more up your alley, especially if your valentine is a Nintendo fan. This 8-Bit Flower Bouquet is simply adorable and easy on the wallet. At only $9.99, don’t be afraid to buy your S.0. some flowers that won’t die in a week.
  3. Does your mostly, or even just occasionally, wonderful other half need somewhere to cool or warm a single can of soda? Of course they don’t! For only $19.99, though, they can make everyone around them jealous of their USB mini-fridge for their can. Give them just-what-they-never-asked-for with this USB Thermoelectric Can Cooler and Warmer.
  4. Insert corny “star in my heart,” or “twinkle in my eye” quote here. Or skip the quote and just give your “more than just a friend” these Constellation Earrings. They’re even on sale for only $12.49 for those of you on a budget! (We’re in college. Who isn’t on a budget?) These might be your best bet for a wow that doesn’t require a USB cord.
  5. If Bae might be a gamer, or if they just liked the old games, then these USB Classic Console Controllers might be for them! Hook these bad boys up to your computer and you have a classic controller for your nostalgic game like Super Mario Bros, Sonic, or any of those old GameCube games that can be easily downloaded to a computer. Enjoy these controllers for under $20. I know, reasonably priced nostalgia is hard to come by these days especially Windows and Mac OS compatible nostalgia.
  6. Finally, make them groan every time they can’t find their iPhone Charger with this obnoxious $14.99 Heart Charging Cable. Android owners are off the hook this time as Think Geek doesn’t have an Android version of this adorable gift this year. If your special one won’t like the hearts too much, then iPhone users can also opt for a similar cord with light up Skulls instead for $9.99.

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