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Where do all of the cool apps, tech, and programs come from that we use everyday? Well when a Mommy Motherboard and a Daddy Fatherboard love each other very much… Actually they usually start out as an idea before launching into Tech Startups. Tech Startups are small companies that have a product like an app or a program that the developers are hoping will become the next big thing like Twitter or Facebook.

The main goal of Tech Startups is to raise money to make the product better by selling stock or selling prototypes of their product. Some startups have funding from donors to make their product whereas others have to rely on sales to produce the product on a case-by-case basis. Good startups grow quickly like Tinder or Apple, while others fall flat. Ever heard of Popin or Blurtt? Well, that’s because those startups failed.  Here’s a few tech startups that might be the next big thing this year as told by Business Insider.

If you are like most college students, money is tight. Tuition is high and unforgiving. There isn’t much money in your budget for buying a new car with fancy new features like in-car Wi-Fi. Vinli, a tech startup from Dallas, Texas is attempting to change that.

Vinli is a product that utilizes the diagnostics port under the steering wheel to enable features like in car Wi-Fi. It also allows users to download apps to their smartphone to track things such as mileage, miles per gallon, route, or even a stolen vehicle recovery app. Vinli costs $199 to purchase, but the add-ons like Wi-Fi cost extra.

If you’re more interested in new social media startups, then Beme might be the next big thing. Beme uses a similar concept to Snapchat. The app uses the camera and proximity sensor on your iPhone (Android is still in beta testing) to post 4-second video clips to your followers. With Beme there is no video editing, and no missing out on life. Beme is only activated when the phone is placed flat against a surface such as your chest, so the phone looks where you look while you still get to see the world around you. Still not sure? Watch their video Meet Beme on YouTube.

Recent or soon-to-be graduates will definitely enjoy this next one. If you want to find a connection with someone you don’t really know, then Conspire is for you. Conspire is a great partner program for LinkedIn. It finds connections between you and another person via your social media accounts. Then Conspire recommends people to introduce you to this new person. So, if you are looking for an “in” at a company before a job interview, but you need someone to put a good word in for you, Conspire finds just the right person to do that for you.

Tech Startups are basically small businesses for a national or international market. If you find a startup or tech startup that you like, make sure to let them know. You can show your support by buying stock, buying a product, or sharing their product so others can enjoy it too.

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