Best Test Making Tips

With final exams approaching, the importance of creating a good test for students is crucial. All faculty have the ability to create tests within their courses in Canvas.  Settings for these online quizzes can be customized to allow for a test to be given on any computer with an internet connection, with objective test questions being graded automatically.

The first step to creating a fair yet challenging exam that truly tests student’s knowledge is to determine what format to give the test. If it is determined that an online test is appropriate, then creating a test using Canvas’ built-in “Quizzes” feature is the way to go.  Online quizzing in Canvas allows for many different types of questions, such as multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, or essay.  Instructors can enter feedback for correct and incorrect responses on objective questions and create an answer key so the exam can be graded automatically by the computer.  While it takes some time to create each question in the LMS initially, there is a sizable time savings on the back-end.

However, as faculty consider moving tests online, the concern of test security and academic integrity always surfaces.  Canvas has created a help guide that details settings that can be customized to maximize test security.  It is wise to employ many of these suggestions available here.  Canvas also allows for the faculty member to customize quiz settings. For example, if an individual requires extended time, employ the “Moderate Quiz” feature in a Canvas Quiz.  Learn how to use this feature here. In the end, whether you continue to give a paper and pencil test or move the test online, writing clear exam questions is critical.  For more information on test-creation strategies, as well as additional insights, read the guidebook for better exams from the University of Indiana.

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