Don’t get Scammed this Halloween

Dressing up as a secret spy: fun. Pretending to work with the FBI: also fun. Actually dealing with the FBI: not fun. Halloween is just around the corner and everyone’s pretending to be someone they’re not, scammers and data thieves included. In fact, a recent phishing scam (criminals trying to obtain your personal info) has been reported in a number of colleges. Students are being called by what appears to be an FBI agent, who says that the student has overdue fines and loans that must be paid immediately. There have even been threats of arrest if the money is not wired to them, and these official-looking emails and phone calls come from what look like FBI field offices.

Be advised: under NO circumstances should you give money or personal information to these scammers. The FBI does not call demanding money. Nor does the FBI collect money for student loans. Be cautious of callers asking for personal, bank or credit card information, and be sure to report any suspicious emails asking for it to

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