Tech Shortcuts We’re Thankful For

With how fast technology is growing and developing, it’s a wonder anyone can keep up. Luckily, there are some great shortcuts to help keep you up to speed with technology. Here are some of the shortcuts we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving season:


For Keyboards:

  • Copy & Paste – Did you know you can use your keyboard to copy and paste without your mouse? For PCs, simply press the [Ctrl] and [C] keys to copy or [Ctrl] and [V] to paste.  For Mac press Command + [C] to copy and Command + [V ] to paste.
  • Switch Between Open Applications – If you want to switch between open applications on your PC, simply press the [Alt] and [Tab] keys. It will automatically switch to the next open program. On a Mac press Command + [Tab] to cycle forward or Command + [Shift] + [Tab] to cycle backwards.

For Web Browsing:

  • Fast Scrolling – Sometimes you get to the bottom of the webpage and need to return to the top. It can be a pain to scroll all the way up. Now you don’t have to anymore. On a PC, simply hit the [Home] key on your keyboard to return to the top of a page. To return to the bottom, click the [End] key. On a Mac, click the Command + Up Arrow [↑] to go to the top of the page or Command + Down Arrow [↓] to move to the bottom.
  • Bookmark Shortcut – Never use your mouse to create a bookmark again! Simply click [Ctrl] + [D] on your PC keyboard or Command + [D] to create a new bookmark or favorite in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.

For iPhones:

For Androids:

  • Use a 3rd Party Keyboard – Instead of the standard keyboard on Android phones, you can install a 3rd party keyboard which can be customized to your style of typing!  This can be extremely useful when you want to type in a hurry.
  •  Customize Your Home Screen Widgets – Personalizing your homepage can streamline information on your phone and make life easier. For example, you can put a weather widget on the home screen so you’re ready for the weather before you even get out of bed.

For Facebook:

  • Streamline Your Newsfeed – You can adjust what you see in your newsfeed by filtering out pages, apps, and people.  It’s easy and helps you navigate only to the information you want.
  • Like a Photo Without Clicking – “Liking” a picture doesn’t have to be a mouse click anymore!  Simply hit the [L] key on your computer while viewing the picture you want to like. Easy and quick!

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