Why Wireless Printers and Routers Aren’t Allowed on Campus

Every year some students bring wireless printers or routers on campus hoping to use them. However, attempting to set up these devices interferes with the campus wireless network and can affect not only your devices but those of students around you.

Using a wireless printer is similar to blasting music from your room when the school radio station  already broadcasting. The two music streams interfere with each other and neither broadcast can be enjoyed.

Instead of using the wireless feature, bring a USB printer cable and use a wired connection to print in your room. Also, be sure that the wireless is turned off on the printer.  If you don’t have a printer that uses a wired connection, don’t worry. Etown allots 500 pages per semester free of charge for printing on campus.

Routers are not allowed in any capacity on campus. They interfere with connections to the campus wireless network and are against the college’s Acceptable Use Policy. All students have signed this policy prior to living on campus and must adhere to it during their time as students at Elizabethtown College. To review the Acceptable Use Policy, click here.

If you have already brought a router to campus and have been using it, please stop immediately.  This improves the wireless experience for everyone on campus.

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