Netiquette is definitely a relatively new concept and it can be hard to tell how you’re supposed to address others online (especially your professors) and what the rules are for communicating. In general it is best to be polite and straightforward, especially when emailing someone for the first time. Using this format for first time communication can be beneficial.




Hello, my name is YOUR NAME  and I’m in your COURSE TITLE class. (State your problem, question, or comments here) Looking forward to your class this semester.





Note: If the instructor does not have PhD or you are unsure, you can address them as Professor instead of “Dr.” 


Once you’ve gotten to know your instructors more, they will generally speak more conversationally in emails. Eventually you will be able to throw smileys in or an occasional LOL if making a joke. However, “text speak” such as “ur” or “sup” should be never be used.

Visit the Online Etiquette article in the Knowledgebase for more tips and tricks.

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