Printing Options

Web Printing 

Students can now send printing jobs to the printer across campus from the comfort of their own dorm room. Using PaperCut, students can easily send a print job to a printer and pick it up from a print station on their way to class. To find out how to use PaperCut for web printing, visit the Knowledgebase article.

 Print Stations 

Speaking of print stations, did you know there are four locations around campus available for you to use?  Each express printing station is equipped with a windows computer and high speed laser printer. All you have to do is swipe your ID and you can print your papers. Visit the Knowledgebase article to see the locations and find out more.

 Free Printing (and its limits) 

Each semester students are allotted 500 pages which they can print on campus for free! This means you can print from your dorm room using web printing, in a computer lab, or by using the express print stations. Just make sure to keep an eye on your page limit counter (viewable on the PaperCut app) to keep track of how many pages you have left for a semester. Once you go over 500 pages, each additional page will be billed to your student account. Visit the Printing Tips article in the Knowledgebase to find out how to cut back on your printing.

Below is a chart of the printing charges once you go over your allotment.

Type of Printing

Printing Charge

Single-sided page

$0.05 per page

Double-sided page

$0.07 per page

This free printing limit follows a previous guideline which asked students to limit their printing, if possible, to below 500 pages each semester. Most students do not print more than the allotment and some professors allow you to turn in assignments electronically.

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