Prepare for Summer Break – Staff and Faculty

Change your password, set your office phone’s Alternate Greeting, learn how to check voice mail and forward messages, set Outlook’s Out of Office notice and make sure VPN works. Enjoy summer break with no computer worries!

Change Your Network/Email Password

Change it now so you won’t have to do it again until the start of Fall term. Just make sure you remember what it is.  Make sure your new password works before you leave campus. Know how to log on to OWA and test your new password.

Step by Step Directions, Video

College Email on Wireless Devices

If you receive college email on any of your devices, such as an iPhone, update your mail settings to use the new password.

Step by Step Directions


After you change your email password, you will need to change the wireless password for EC_JAYNET_LOGIN but ONLY if you are on campus for the summer. However, when you come back to campus in the fall, you will have to change it then.



Mac Computer


Set Phone Greeting, Message Forwarding, Check Voice Mail

Alternate Greeting

From your office phone, change and enable an alternate greeting alerting callers that you are away from the office. Set an expiration date.

Step by Step Directions

Forward Calls Directly to Your Home or Cell Phone

Send calls to your home phone or cell phone. Office calls will then ring on that phone instead of your office phone.

Step by Step Directions

Forward Calls to Voice Mail

If you will not be in the office, and don’t want calls to ring on your home or cell phone, send calls directly to your voice mailbox. On your office phone, press the softkey, CFwdAll, then press the Messages button.

Step by Step Directions

Check Voice Messages While You are Away

From Outlook

Voice messages will appear in Outlook as an audio file. Just click to listen. Don’t, however, reply to the audio message. You must use the sender’s actual email address in your reply.

From an Outside Line

Use your home or cell phone to listen to your voice mail messages.

Step by Step Directions

Out of Office Notice in Outlook

Set your out of office message in Outlook or OWA.

Out of Office bounce-back – Outlook 2007 (PC) – Video
Outlook 2010 (PC) – Video
Outlook 2011 (Mac) – Video


If you are doing any college work from home over summer break, make sure VPN is working and that you can connect to your network drives on your college-owned computer. On a personal computer check that you can connect using a remote desktop connection to ecfsHome-ts.  Learn how to configure VPN here.


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