Welcome to the Anime Club website!

Elizabethtown College’s Anime Club is where those interested in anime, Japanese culture, and general nerdiness gather. Anyone and everyone is welcome – you don’t have to know everything there is to know about anime to join. The Anime Club strives to not only educate members of the Elizabethtown community about Japanese culture through popular media, but also to promote friendship and understanding between members (no matter how cliche that might sound).

Anime Club has weekly meetings, activities such as DDR tournaments and lasertag trips, and also hosts Elizabethtown College’s anime convention!

Jaycon is the annual anime convention on campus, and is a fast-growing and entertaining event. It is the fourth largest convention in the state and brings in hundreds of outside attendees from as far away as Virginia and Florida. You can check out more about Jaycon at its official website.

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