Twelve Largest Settlements, 2017

Settlement State Districts Estimated population
Lancaster County area Pennsylvania 220 36,920
Holmes County area Ohio 274 35,130
Elkhart/LaGrange Counties area Indiana 181 24,205
Geauga County area Ohio 132 18,650
Adams County area Indiana 58 8,595
Nappanee area Indiana 43 5,910
Daviess County area Indiana 29 4,855
Arthur area Illinois 30 4,410
Mifflin County area Pennsylvania 30 3,905
Allen County area Indiana 22 3,190
Indiana County area Pennsylvania 21 2,985
Seymour area Missouri 16 2,665

Note: Settlement and district statistics were updated in June 2017. The number of people in a church district varies by settlement. For example, there are approximately 170 people per district in the Lancaster County settlement and approximately 130 per district in the Holmes County settlement. Population estimates, which include both adults and children, were calculated using a variety of sources including Raber’s New American Almanac, reports by correspondents in Die BotschaftThe Budget, and The Diary, settlement directories, regional newsletters, and settlement informants. The table includes all Amish groups that use horse-and-buggy transportation, but excludes car-driving groups such as the Beachy Amish and Amish Mennonites.

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