Largest Settlements




Estimated population
Lancaster County Area Pennsylvania 204 34,070
Holmes County Area Ohio 257 33,410
Elkhart/LaGrange Area Indiana 168 23,015
Geauga County Area Ohio 115 17,020
Adams County Area Indiana 57 8,275
Nappanee Area Indiana 42 5,755
Arthur Area Illinois 30 4,200
Daviess County Area Indiana 29 4,570
Mifflin County Area Pennsylvania 28 3,360
Allen County Area Indiana 21 3,045
Indiana County Area Pennsylvania 21 2,795
New Wilmington Area Pennsylvania 19 2,415

Note: Settlement and district statistics were updated as of May 2015. The number of people in a church district varies by settlement. For example, there are approximately 167 people per district in the Lancaster County settlement versus approximately 130 per district in the Holmes County settlement.

Sources: Raber’s Almanac, reports by correspondents in Amish publications, the annual migration report in the Diary, state and regional settlement directories, regional newsletters, and informants in various settlements.

To cite this page: “The Twelve Largest Amish Settlements, 2015.” Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, Elizabethtown College.

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