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Pathway Publishers is an Old Order Amish publishing house located in Aylmer, Ontario, with a branch in Bloomingdale, Michigan. Pathway publishes the Pathway Readers series (sets of books, workbooks, and teacher manuals) for grades 1 through 8, as well as books for preschoolers and fiction for ages 6 through young adult. Pathway also publishes books on Amish history, beliefs, marriage, and family life. For a catalog, write to either of these addresses:

Pathway Publishers
43632 CR 390
Bloomingdale, MI 49026

Pathway Publishers
10380 Carter Road
Aylmer, ON  N5H 2R3

To purchase Pathway materials online, visit


Blackboard Bulletin. A monthly magazine for Old Order teachers. (Pathway Publishers, 10380 Carter Road, Aylmer, ON  N5H 2R3; the Family Life page of the site––includes information about subscribing to Blackboard Bulletin.)

The Budget. A weekly correspondent newspaper that includes reports from scribes in Amish communities across the nation. (P.O. Box 249, Sugarcreek, OH 44681; 330-852-4634;

Die Botschaft. A weekly correspondent newspaper that includes reports from scribes in many Amish settlements across the nation. (420 Weaver Road, Millersburg, PA 17061)

The Connection. A monthly glossy magazine whose purpose is “connecting our Amish communities.” It features Amish columnists from Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, who write about farming, cooking, health practices, life experiences, and spiritual reflections. (P.O. Box 603, Topeka, IN 46571; e-mail:

The Diary. A monthly correspondent magazine with reports from scribes in many Amish settlements as well as sections on weddings, births, deaths, and accidents and other special columns. (P.O. Box 88, Kirkwood, PA 17536)

Family Life. A monthly family and community magazine with articles, poetry, recipes, and children’s stories. (Pathway Publishers, 10380 Carter Road, Aylmer, ON  N5H 2R3;

Farming Magazine. A quarterly magazine that focuses on small-scale farming. (P.O. Box 85, Mt. Hope, OH 44660; (800) 915-0042;

Ladies’ Journal. A bimonthly glossy-cover woman’s magazine featuring regular columns on motherhood, marriage, women’s health, and homemaking. The writers come from a variety of plain backgrounds, but the editor is Old Order Amish. (P.O. Box 138, Loysville, PA 17047; 717-789-3288)

Life’s Special Sunbeams. A monthly magazine featuring stories by parents of special needs children, as well as a regular questions-and-answers column and a Teacher’s Reflections section. Also available in a Braille edition. (850 S. Custer Ave., New Holland, PA 17557)

Little Red Hen News. A quarterly woman’s magazine written and edited by Amish women with some Old Order Mennonite women contributors. It features short articles–often in the form of letters from readers–on household tips, gardening, and childrearing, as well as short stories and poetry. (606 Butter Road, Marion, KY 42064)

Pilgrim’s Pathway. A New Order Amish bimonthly publication promoting biblical standards for home, church, and school. (Heritage Publishers, 2991 CR 114, Sugarcreek, OH 44681)

Plain Communities Business Exchange. A monthly newspaper for Old Order businesses with articles, ads, and a calendar of business-related events. (420 Weaver Road Millersburg, PA 17061; 717-692-2499;

Plain Interests. A monthly magazine featuring short articles on farming, health practices, life experiences, and spiritual reflections. Its perspective is slanted toward organic farming and alternative medicine. Most writers are Amish, but Old Order Mennonites write occasionally. There is also a “Letters to the Editor” section, where reader can respond to articles. (420 Weaver Road, Millersburg, OH 17061)

Rainbows and Sunshine. Children’s magazine published eight times a year, featuring short stories, poems, activities, craft and recipe ideas, and articles about animals, history, and geography. It includes some color pages, as well as stickers. (6591 Division Highway, Narvon, PA 17555)

Single Girls Newsletter. Quarterly magazine filled with letters from single Amish and Old Order Mennonite women of all ages. (7522 Fords Ferry Road, Marion, KY 42064)

Truck Patch News. Monthly newsletter with articles and advertisements “of help and interest for the produce farm.” (P.O. Box 101, Mt. Hope, OH 44660; 330-674-6188)

Young Companion. A monthly magazine for children and teens. (Pathway Publishers, 10380 Carter Road, Aylmer, ON  N5H 2R3; the Family Life page of the site––includes information about subscribing to Young Companion.)

About the site

Amish Studies is an academic website developed by the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies at Elizabethtown College to provide reliable information on Amish life and culture. Designed to assist scholars, students and the general public, the site was developed with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The Amish population statistics are updated annually in the summer. Other information is updated periodically.

For more in-depth discussion about the Amish:
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Recent books

In partnership with the Johns Hopkins University Press, the Young Center Books in Anabaptist and Pietist Studies publishes innovative and creative scholarship. The latest volume in the series explores the roles and experiences of Amish women:
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