Experts by Subject

Agriculture: Caroline Brock; Judson Reid
Business: Donald Kraybill; Erik Wesner
Childhood: Mark DewaltJill Korbin
Communities: Rachel SteinErik Wesner
Converts: Cory Anderson
Cultural change: Joshua R. BrownJames CatesDonald KraybillDavid McConnellJanneken Smucker
Demographics: Edsel Burdge, Jr.; Joseph DonnermeyerLawrence Greksa; Rachel Stein
Education: Caroline Brock; Mark DewaltKaren Johnson-WeinerDavid McConnell
Entrepreneurship: Janneken SmuckerErik Wesner
Environment: David McConnell
Family: Mark Dewalt; Karen Johnson-Weiner; Jill Korbin
Gender roles: Joshua R. BrownKaren Johnson-Weiner
Health: Caroline Brock; Martha King
Health care: Martha KingMark Louden
History: Steve NoltSusan Trollinger
Horse-and-buggy safety: Cory Anderson
Language: Joshua R. BrownSteve Hartman KeiserMark Louden
Legal issues: Mark Louden
Media: David Weaver-Zercher
Mental health: James CatesLawrence GreksaJill Korbin
Migration and settlements: Cory Anderson; Edsel Burdge, Jr.
Non-Amish plain groups: Edsel Burdge, Jr.; Beth GraybillJudson Reid
Occupations: Joseph DonnermeyerSteve Nolt
Quilts: Janneken Smucker
Religious beliefs: Donald KraybillSteve NoltSusan TrollingerDavid Weaver-Zercher
RumspringaRichard Stevick
Social change: Joseph DonnermeyerLawrence GreksaMartha King; Rachel Stein
Social services: James Cates
Technology: Donald KraybillSteve NoltJudson Reid; Richard Stevick
Tourism: Beth Graybill; Susan Trollinger
Women: Beth Graybill; Karen Johnson-Weiner
Youth: Richard Stevick

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The Amish population statistics are updated annually in the summer. Other information is updated periodically.

For more in-depth discussion about the Amish:
The Amish book cover

Authors: Donald Kraybill, Karen Johnson-Weiner, and Steven Nolt (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013; paperback, 2018)

Recent books

In partnership with the Johns Hopkins University Press, the Young Center Books in Anabaptist and Pietist Studies publishes innovative and creative scholarship. The latest volume in the series explores the roles and experiences of Amish women:
The Lives of Amish Women book cover
Author: Karen Johnson-Weiner (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020)