Joseph F. Donnermeyer

Joseph F. Donnermeyer is professor emeritus in the Rural Sociology program, which is part of the School of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University. He holds the title of “Academy Professor” as a member of the OSU Emeritus Academy, and served in 2019-2020 as chair of the Academy’s Steering Community. Although much of his scholarly work focuses on the study of rural crime, he also has a deep interest in social, cultural, and economic change among the Amish. Specifically, his Amish research concerns examination of the demographic dimensions of the Amish, including population growth, settlement expansion, and occupational change. He has cowritten two books about the Amish (A Quiet Moment in Time and Lessons for Living) and about two dozen peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters. With his wife, Diane, he has coauthored a children’s book titled An Amish Winter Visit. Donnermeyer now supervises an online course titled “Amish Society,” and recently developed an online continuing education course of the same title.

Donnermeyer received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in sociology from the University of Kentucky (1974 and 1977) and his B.A. degree in sociology from Thomas More College (1971), with minors in philosophy and theology. First employed in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University in 1976, he began his professorial service at The Ohio State University in 1979. He continues as an adjunct professor at the West Virginia Center for Violence Research, West Virginia University (Morgantown), and the University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales. He is the founder/editor of the International Journal of Rural Criminology and cofounder/coeditor of the Journal of Plain Anabaptist Communities.

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614-582-4710 (cell)

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4813 Teter Court
Columbus, Ohio 43220

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